Bayou City Speech & Language LLC is a pediatric private speech pathology practice which specializes in providing comprehensive speech and language assessments, intervention, and consultation services to address a variety of communication needs for children ages 18 months through 13 years. The clinic's mission is to develop and increase each child's functional communication skills to their fullest potential in order to build communication independence, and sustain positive relationships within family, school and community environments.

This clinic specializes in providing evaluations and therapy to low-verbal and non-verbal children, including those diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and with developmental language delays, language-based learning disabilities, language and/or auditory processing deficits, executive function deficits, apraxia of speech, myo-functional disorders, phonological disorders, social skill pragmatic disorders, and syndromes.

Julie Roberts, M.S., CCC-SLP received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Arlington. She received her Master of Science in Communication Disorders from the University of Texas, Dallas. Julie received her certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed to practice speech-language pathology within the State of Texas since 1999.

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Speech-language therapy is beneficial for children who exhibit:

  • Difficulty communicating wants/needs effectively
  • Vocabulary delayed as compared with peers
  • Challenges when following auditory directions
  • Difficulty producing intelligible speech
  • Difficulty asking and answering questions
  • Developmental delays that inhibit speech and language development
  • Ineffective pragmatic and social skills

Beautiful, exciting children's picture books written by an experienced, licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist, developed for parents and other caregivers, to use with children who have language delays.

As their child's speech pathologist, parents and other caregivers are constantly asking me to suggest materials that they can use with their child in the home to support concepts developed in therapy sessions. Loving, concerned parents and caregivers are desperately searching for resources to supplement their child's speech-language therapy, and more importantly, be involved with helping their child become empowered through their increased functional communication abilities. In order to help meet their needs, I have written The StoryBook Changes!™ series, a powerful tool designed to do just this.

Inspired by children with language delays; created for the adults who love them.

Julie A. Roberts, M.S., CCC-SLP

I was inspired to write The StoryBook Changes!™ series after providing treatment for over 17 years to children who have language delays secondary to Autism, Down Syndrome, and other speech and language delays.

Helpful for children with:

  • Autism Spectrum and PDD
  • Developmental Speech and Language Delay
  • Childhood Apraxia Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome

Blog for parents and caregivers…

Julie's Blog

My blog is written especially for the parents and caregivers of children with language delays to provide ideas and strategies for home speech and language practice.

This blog is not intended to replace any speech and language therapy that your child may already be receiving. Rather, it is intended give parents and caregivers suggestions and ideas for enhancing language interaction with language delayed children.


Disclaimer: I have provided links to these sites because they have information that may be of interest to you. I do not endorse the views or information presented on these sites. Furthermore, I do not endorse any commercial products or information that may be presented or advertised on these sites.

Reviews from past clients…

My daughter Ava has high functioning autism. I had met several therapists and had yet to have Ava assessed by any of them. I made an appointment on July 16, 2007 with Julie Roberts. Immediately I noticed that Ava's demeanor was different from the other introductions to the therapists. Julie was the first therapist to actually get down on her knees at Ava's level and say hello. At the other interviews, Ava hid her face and clenched my legs or climbed in my arms and would not look at them. Ava stood in front of her and actually said hello but she did not have eye contact. Julie showed me how she approached therapy at that moment. She asked Ava to look at her eyes. Ava continued to look away. Then Julie gently pulled Ava's chin facing her and got close to her face. Then she told Ava what pretty eyes she had (Ava loves compliments) and how important it was to look at people when she was talking to them so they could always see her pretty eyes. Seeing her gestures and patience, it made me think of how I spoke to her. Ava actually looked Julie in the eyes, smiled, and said hello again.

Julie had a nurturing yet assertive presence. I was impressed. I could tell right away that she was dedicated to her profession and cared deeply. Julie sat with me after that and asked what had brought me to seek a therapist for Ava. I told her my story and she had empathy and understanding for my struggles and how helpless I had felt with my inability to find the right answers and the course of action to take. She asked me what my goals were for Ava. I told her how I wanted to see some sort of progress and change for my daughter. Whatever therapy Ava had received or the professional opinions I had been given, there was little if any improvement with her language delays. Julie listened intently and then told me that no matter what she concludes from the assessment, that she would be able to help Ava improve. She was assertive, honest, and sincere and there was a trust I felt for the first time in a long time. I had finally found the perfect person for my daughter! No parent wants to hear that something is wrong with their child, especially without being told what can be done to make it right. I wanted to hear what I could do and how therapy could help Ava communicate like all the children her age.

After the assessment Julie sat with me and gave me her honest opinion of Ava's learning disability. With a positive approach, and Julie's forward thinking, her explanation on how best to approach her discoveries of Ava's weakness with communication gave me hope and a sense of relief. Because of her constant research, Julie uses the most progressive therapy methods, and purchases tools for sessions that will achieve maximum results from her therapy. I felt I could trust to her to lead me in the right direction and make a difference to better Ava and her quality of life. After all the searching, I finally had someone in front of me with an education, experience and most importantly a course of action. Ava had lost so much precious time and I did not want to waste a second more. This was exactly what I wanted to hear.

I asked her what I could do to expedite her treatment. It was crucial to work on Ava's weaknesses that would be identified from the two sessions per week, and that she would give me a list of what to work on after each session. It was most important to be consistent with Ava's attendance of therapy. Julie explained there that without regular and consistent treatment, Ava would never achieve what she wanted for her clients. She also said that there are so many children who also need speech therapy, there was a waiting list for assessment. She explained that her time would be most helpful to a child with regular and timely attendance. I loved hearing that. She was serious about her time, and was distributing it to make the most improvement possible for her clients. Julie is a no nonsense gal.

For over a year, I have been to therapy twice a week every week with the exception of a family illness, car trouble, or Hurricane Ike. What following Julie's advice has done for my daughter has been life changing. Not only has Julie helped my daughter and exceeded my expectations of rapid progress, she bettered life for my entire family and how we function together. I am so truly grateful for the opportunity to have Julie help Ava. I have never respected or admired a person more. She has done for Ava what I could not. She turned the light on in Ava, when I could only make it flicker. Because we love to come see Miss Julie, it is bittersweet for me to say that, after such great success with Ava, my child's therapy will be ending soon, Julie predicts that Ava will no longer need therapy, because she will have caught up with her peers within the upcoming year.

Monica Djokic, November 2008

Over a year ago, I went searching for a speech therapist and found my hero. If you are searching for a way to help provide your child with a better quality of life via speech and language therapy, I implore you to consider meeting Julie A. Roberts. Julie's therapy has improved my daughters' lives, as well as my family as whole. I do not know how I could have ever made it through this past year without Julie in our lives. She is an amazing, dedicated and devoted person to helping children. I am proud to know her and call her my friend.

Olivia had ear infections for 3 months straight & in March of 2007, she had her first set of tubes. I had noticed her speech sounding muffled after surgery. One tube came out and infections came back so in May of 2007 Olivia had her second set of tubes. The ENT said it was due to possible hearing loss during the chronic ear infections and the surgeries it most likely would go away after the new set of tubes. Julie and I noticed she still had a muffled sound to her words and time, and several hearing tests there was little improvement. I had Julie provide an assessment and decide a course of action for therapy. Olivia began therapy in October of 2007 and has shown great improvement.

Monica Djokic, November 2008

My four and a half year old daughter Isabella was first diagnosed with Autism at two years of age. We started coming to see Julie Roberts when Isabella was three. At the time, Isabella had little spontaneous speech and most of what she said was echolalia. We started coming for two sessions a week and now at four and half, she is speaking in clear, full sentences. Recently we visited several people who hadn't seen Isabella in a while, and they all commented on how great she was doing and how impressed they were with her speech. I told them that it was all due to the hard work of Isabella and Ms. Julie. Ms. Julie really pushes Isabella to succeed and grow beyond herself. We couldn't be more proud of Isabella's progress. She is in a typical mother's day out school program, making friends, communicating with her teachers and being an active part of her class. We are so pleased!

Nancy Novelli, July 2008

Ms. Julie has been working with my 5 year old son Jeremiah for a year now and we've seen tremendous improvement in his communication. Within the first five minutes of meeting with Jeremiah she realized he was exhibiting signs of Autism and encouraged us to get him tested. We later discovered that Jeremiah did have Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically Pervasive Developmental Disorder. We are thankful to Ms. Julie for her help in getting Jeremiah diagnosed and on the right track to improvement. His vocabulary has improved significantly over the past year. We are able to understand Jeremiah better and he can now express his needs to us verbally. Thanks Ms. Julie for all your help.

Karen Steen, RN, BSN, MBA, October 2008

My son couldn't articulate his "r" sounds, but since it didn't affect his performance in class, his need for speech therapy was never addressed. After only eight sessions with Julie he sounds like a different person. With the one-on-one lessons he soared through his word drills and completed his therapy much quicker than any of us had anticipated. He's incorporating what he learned into his everyday speech, catching his mistakes and speaking much more clearly. I am so proud of him and so grateful to Julie for giving him the information and tools he needed to overcome this obstacle.

Dorinda W., July 2008

My son started therapy on December 2008. Two weeks later, we were already seeing results. Not only my family, but the school teacher as well. It's been six months, that my son has been in therapy and we see major improvements. That without the help of Bayou City Speech & Language, it would have been impossible. My son went from saying a few words, to making complete sentences.

Kleey Soto, July 2009